New business school sees Excalibur build future strength from within

By Anita Jaynes on 28 July, 2015

Excalibur has unveiled the first four graduates from its new Business School, which is the single largest investment in training it has made in its 22 year history.

Open to all staff and based firmly on promoting-from-within, Excalibur personnel were able to apply for a place in the Business School by providing a CV, statement and presentation before being interviewed by the company’s senior management team.

Best suited to smaller groups, the four chosen candidates had to sign a contract before going on to complete a total of eight full days training, focusing on self, team, customer service, performance, budgets, profit/loss, and understanding of business finance.  In addition to the classroom training, the team (Tom Bolt, Julie Cleaver, Becky Gale and Darren Harper), also had to develop a special project to demonstrate the Excalibur approach to the ‘on-boarding’ of customers, in which appropriately high service levels are always maintained and constantly monitored for further improvement.  This required a significant level of work for the team outside of their normal working hours.

Emma Carter, head of sales at Excalibur, who managed the Business School, said: “This has been a significant investment for a company of our size, but it is extremely rewarding to see how much everybody gets out if it.  The investment is far from just financial.  There’s a substantial commitment in time, but promoting from within to develop our managers of the future is all part of our own journey to becoming the top employer in the South West.”

Emma also explained that those who applied but didn’t go on to the Business School still benefited greatly from the training experience.  Roundtable meetings were held initially to explain what was involved, resulting in some deciding that they weren’t quite ready.  Institute of Leadership courses were offered to these people, whilst the senior management team benefited too from coaching courses to help them as mentors during the Business School experience.

Darren Harper, one of the Excalibur quartet who graduated, said: “We can really see the value of the Business School.  It has been very hard work, but I’ve learned many new important skills and discovered plenty I never knew I had!  I now want to put it all into practice to help drive Excalibur forward as the market leader for Unified Comms in the South West and beyond.”

Pictured above: Excalibur’s CEO James Phipps (centre) with the company’s first Business School Graduates, (left to right) Tom Bolt, Darren Harper, Julie Cleaver and Becky Gale.