Networking breakfast with a rural twist

By Anita Jaynes on 30 October, 2015

Networking events are commonplace as we all know, so to make yours stand out, adding a little extra something to the mix can make the difference. Showing off the rural charm of Wiltshire seems to be the way forward for Stages Events, with their Breakfast @ The Barn event bringing in 73 people at it’s launch on October 14.

Guests were treated to a full cooked breakfast, and the chance to network in the distinctly rural yet comfortable surroundings offered by the Wellington Barn.

Clare Way, organiser for the event, said: “The idea for the breakfast is that each month a different company sponsors the event and they get a 20 minute speaker slot, their logo on the invite, link to their website, a branded pull up in the room on the day, plus 3 free places for the breakfast. The launch event was sponsored by Raising the Baa and the November event will be sponsored by Clealife Consultancy.”

Open to all businesses, this is a must attend event for anyone looking to meet potential new clients and business contacts in a relaxed and informal setting.

The next event is due to take place at the Wellington Barn, Calne on November 3.

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Pictured above: Guests enjoy the launch of Breakfast @ The Barn