Netitude recruits Scott Sullivan for proactive IT maintenance

By Anita Jaynes on 22 March, 2016

IT Managed Services company, Netitude, based in Frome and working across the South West is trying out a different approach to IT service provision. Instead of just waiting by the phone for their clients’ computers and networks to go wrong they have employed new recruit Scott Sullivan to go out on regular visits and proactively care for businesses’ IT setups to prevent problems that may threaten.

“The attitude today is that IT is the engine of the business machine. You need to maintain it well on a regular basis so it does not fail you. When IT fails it costs real money and that’s a cost that escalates with the more downtime incurred. We are now employing staff who proactively check out company systems to fix any problems that may cause bigger problems,” said Adam Harling, director of Netitude. “Scott’s role will mean going to each client to check everything and resolve any problems he discovers whilst he is there. This is a lot more intense in terms of care.”

There is a best practice audit for each customer which covers around 130 points to bring the customer’s IT performance into alignment with the highest standards.

The visit to the premises of the business will lead to inspections of workstations, network devices, documentation, preventative server maintenance and more.

“This is the best way to approach IT and is better than the old model of reacting to bad news. We instead focus on continued monitoring and maintenance to ensure computers are always working well.”

Netitude have offices in Frome and Bristol and cover the South West region. Visit them online:

Pictured above: Netitude’s new recruit Scott Sullivan