Nearly 50% of employees are unaware of password management policies

By Anita Jaynes on 26 July, 2016

Results from a recent survey show that staff don’t pay much attention when it comes to user access and information security. 13% of 1,022 employees surveyed were willing to let their colleagues use a device that could access their company’s network. More worryingly, 10% allow their partners and even children to use the device.

When asked about password-sharing, 20% of respondents admitted sharing their work email passwords and a further 12% share passwords for different work applications. Knowing this, it shouldn’t be surprising that nearly half of all employees are unaware of their company’s policies about password sharing and user access – this is clearly a huge risk to the company’s security.

More than half of companies reported security incidents caused by employees. As data breaches become more common and sophisticated, it is essential that companies increase their security defences.

Devizes based Cardwave has produced a really useful free guide –‘Information Security Solutions Made Simple’ – which contains a section on password management. There is also the opportunity to download a questionnaire to determine how security conscious your staff really are when it comes to password management, data protection, and data security on the move.

The brochure also contains a helpful checklist of solutions against the security challenges of 2016, and offers solutions of what you need to put in place.

Download the Information Security Solutions made Simple guide by clicking here.