Nationwide increases graduate intake

By Anita Jaynes on 14 October, 2016

Nationwide is looking for more talented graduates to join the organisation as it increases its intake and provides opportunities to work in areas across the business.

The Society is looking for around 100 graduates to join the world’s largest building society and work in various areas from Finance to IT.

Nationwide’s Group Director for People and Culture, Alison Robb, highlighted that the Society is looking for graduates who have the right values as well as talent and skills.  She added: “As a mutual founded by ordinary people coming together to accomplish something they could not achieve alone, we want our graduates to understand the importance of this founding principle and the fact that it drives how we operate today. It’s not enough for our people to have the right skills, they must have the right values too.”

Head of Resourcing at Nationwide, Katrina Hutchinson-O’Neill has given the following tips to graduates thinking about applying for Nationwide’s scheme: “Firstly, I’d say make sure your application is well written, answer all questions, with no spelling or grammar mistakes. It sounds simple but we do get applications which haven’t been proofread.  Also make sure you have a professional sounding email address – unfortunately some applicants’ email addresses don’t give a very good first impression. Finally, do your research and get to know Nationwide – if you can show that you have a true interest and understanding of what it is to be a mutual then that will get you a long way.”

Recruitment tips:

·         Practise any online tests before completing your application
·         Ensure your application is specific to the company you are applying to
·         Research both the company and role before attending the interview or assessment
·         Participate – contribute and play your part
·         Ask some relevant and informed questions to confirm/show your interest
·         In group exercises, don’t take over – remember this is a group exercise
·         Ensure you interact with other candidates, assessors and those facilitating during the day
·         Stay calm, focussed and positive and enjoy the day
·         Don’t be put off by other candidates, focus on your own performance
·         Don’t exaggerate your academic achievements and skills on your application as you may be asked for evidence

Visit for more information about Nationwide’s graduate scheme.