Monahans helps Wiltshire businesses get on top of health and safety

By Anita Jaynes on 2 September, 2015

Chartered accountants Monahans is launching a series of free interactive workshops to help businesses stay ahead of the game when it comes to health and safety requirements.

Health and safety can be a confusing area for businesses of all sizes and the first workshop will focus on what startup and small companies need to know.

The Health and Safety for Startups workshop will be held at Monahans’ office in Swindon on Tuesday 15 September and at their Trowbridge office on Tuesday 29 September.

Health and safety legislation will be broken down into easy bite-size pieces and businesses will be guided through writing their own action plan for their organisation.

The free workshop is suitable for startups and businesses that are just about to or have recently taken on their first few employees.

Debbie Anstis, Health and Safety Consultant at Monahans, said: “Not knowing how to approach health and safety is a common problem for SMEs.  Entrepreneurs want to concentrate on growing their businesses, and the complexities of health and safety legislation can present a hurdle, especially when it comes to taking on employees.

“These interactive workshops will give people an understanding of what they need to do and how to ensure that documentation is structured correctly.  By attending these workshops, companies will know what they need to do and how to do it in order to conform to legislation.”

The workshops both start at 8.30am and will finish by 10am.  Refreshments and Danish pastries will be provided.

The second health and safety workshop will take place on 10 November in Swindon and on 24 November in Trowbridge.  It will focus on setting up your health and safety systems and is suitable for small businesses.

The third free workshop is on risk assessments and how to write one.  It will be held on 10 February 2016 in Swindon and 24 February 2016 in Trowbridge.

For more information and to book onto these workshops, visit or call Lizzie Thomas on 01225 785520

Pictured above: Debbie Anstis, Health and Safety Consultant at Monahans