Monahans helps businesses succeed through employee engagement

By Anita Jaynes on 4 July, 2016

Monahans has launched a new extended programme of HR and health and safety training for Wiltshire’s businesses following the success of their interactive workshops.

The programme, which can be taken as a whole or dipped in and out of depending on a business’ needs, includes HR issues such as recruitment, and managing and developing teams for success, as well as health and safety topics including manual handling and practical assessments.

These sessions focus on the ‘softer’ skills that successful businesses need, such as people management and team support, as well as ensuring organisations are meeting their legal health and safety requirements.

Figures from voluntary organisation Engage for Success, show that where employees have been well-supported and managed, 64% felt that they had more to offer their employers and 59% actively contributed to new ideas, innovations and techniques to benefit the business.

Engaged employees also take fewer sick days on average at 2.7 per year compared to 6.2 days for those who are disengaged.

Companies with high levels of staff engagement also have higher productivity, higher revenue growth and a lower accident level.

Peta Fry, HR Director, said: “The feedback we received from our interactive workshops showed us that businesses in the area need more support in HR and health and safety issues.  Management and leading a team are skilled roles and not necessarily ones that everyone can do without proper training.

“We also know that businesses that successfully engage, manage and support their employees are more successful.  Engaged employees are not only more productive and committed, but they also contribute more to the development and innovation of a business.  Staff engagement is an important part of business development, but one that can sometimes be overlooked.”

Each session will be available at Monahans’ Trowbridge and Swindon offices and will be held on a monthly basis starting this September.

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Pictured above: Monahans HR and Health and Safety team, from left to right, Debbie Anstis, Peta Fry and Emma Davis