Mintivo makes five heavyweight appointments to keep up with demand

By Nick Batten on 21 November, 2023

Wiltshire IT services and solutions company Mintivo has made five key additions to its staff to keep pace with demand while remaining on course to beat its growth target. 

According to Commercial Director Alex Jukes and recently appointed Service Director Jason Lovell, the five-year-old Lacock company, which offers managed IT support, consultancy, cyber security and business intelligence, set a growth target of 30 per cent this year but is on course to add another ten per cent on top of that.

Experienced Technical Consultants Tony Hillier-Swift, Francois Schutte and Dan Knott have been recruited into the business to provide expertise and vision for Mintivo customers which include Castore, Good Energy, Investors in People, Dorothy House Hospice Care, Business Cyber Centre and the Ministry of Defence.

Additionally, Mintivo has also recruited Infrastructure Engineers Ross Kerry and Alex Mann to bolster its maintenance support.  

“These are heavyweight appointments for us,” said Jason. “And the majority of the work that they’ll be doing with our customers, especially newer customers, is to understand where they are currently, why they are there and what they’re trying to achieve.

“They might be looking to scale up, work in more efficient ways or get into a good place so they could be an acquisition further down the line.” 

Jason explained that the consultants become so integrated with the businesses they support they almost are viewed as part of the business. “They sit as part of a client’s executive team and when they’re having conversations about what they’re trying to achieve as a business, they’re using their years of experience from an IT standpoint to advise on the impact of any changes and where their next investment may need to be to maximise value and ultimately return on investment.” 

The consultants’ insight is also valuable to companies looking to acquire or merge with others.

Alex said the company’s growth stems from bringing in larger customers with more complex systems to manage. “Although smaller organisations continue to invest and realise greater value in their IT, the type of organisations has matured quite substantially, over the last 18 months,” he said. 

“We’ve been helping a lot of our smaller customers move to Cloud-first operations, which has been the right thing for them but with a mid-range enterprise that is a little bit older there is a lot more complexity in the systems they use, typically due legacy application and services. 

He added, “People are embracing the cloud but some customers are unable to fully migrate and need to retain some infrastructure on their premises, meaning we are seeing more appetite for hybrid solutions. This inevitably comes with a need for extra management and maintenance and now we’ve got the extra people in we’re able to build in that extra capability to stay ahead of the workload.” 

Pictured above: Mintivo Commercial Director Alex Jukes, left, with new recruits Francois Schutte, Alex Mann, Dan Knott, Ross Kerry and Tony Hillier-Smith and Service Director Jason Lovell