Made in Wiltshire: Chippenham’s Fascia Graphics cuts energy consumption by 36%

By Anita Jaynes on 2 June, 2015

Throughout June and July we are celebrating the county’s buoyant manufacturing industry. Coverage will be found in print and online. This is our third instalment profiling Fascia Graphics and their recent efforts to get green.

Fascia Graphics® are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of industrial printed graphics. Headquartered in Chippenham, they supply thousands of clients around the UK and abroad with membrane keypads, membrane switches and keyboards, screen printed labels, nameplates, domed emblems and liquid graphics.

As the business has grown, so has their energy consumption. This coupled with the ever-increasing cost of energy, means that it has become a major individual cost to the company. As a result they decided that it was time to take action and investigate how they could reduce the overhead.

After carrying out research, Fascia Graphics® engaged SMARTech energy, a market-leading energy management and reduction specialist. Based in Corsham, their 9-step methodology is designed to help firms take control and reduce their bills and consumption.

SMARTech carried out an energy management survey and installed real-time energy monitoring equipment to understand exactly how, where and when energy was being consumed.

The key areas they focussed on were the power quality being delivered to the site and the running costs of the printing presses and compressor, as these were the main pieces of equipment drawing electricity.

Once the data was collated, SMARTech devised a plan, which would help Fascia Graphics® reduce their electricity consumption and carbon emissions by 33%.

The energy plan consisted of a range of measures providing substantial overall savings. Including:

  • The implementation of Voltage Optimisation, which delivered 17.34% savings on the total site consumption.
  • Motor Optimisation, which delivered 88% savings on the presses operating costs.
  • A new LED lighting solution with motion detection, which delivered 76.25% saving on application.
  • A new energy efficient compressor, which provided a 73% reduction in energy consumption.
  • kVA reduction, which would save them 45%.

SMARTech energy quantifies the savings at each intervention or process change to ensure that it meets the recommended energy savings. In Fascia Graphics® case they managed to over-deliver by 10.1%, achieving an astounding 36.5% energy reduction and an annual reduction in carbon of 132.6 Tonnes.

See Fascia Graphics® video highlighting the impact of smart energy planning here