Love local

By Anita Jaynes on 10 June, 2020

The Business Exchange is encouraging the Swindon and Wiltshire business community to rally together and support local businesses. 

As our high streets get set to open their doors for the first time post-lockdown, they need us more than ever. If you need to buy something, purchase it from one of our many hard working and passionate independents. You’ll be helping to keep dreams alive and families from struggling. Many of our local retailers are too scared to use the hard hitting words ‘use us or lose us’, but that’s the reality.

The same applies to anyone looking to buy products or services for their business – invest locally. We have such a diverse mix of businesses on our doorstep, why look anywhere else? Small business is the backbone of our economy and it plays a vital role in its unique identity and what makes our area special. We must strive hard to protect it. Shop around, use the many forums we have in Wiltshire. Many businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram as free ways to share the message that they’re open for business and what they have to offer. Follow the groups in your area, such as ‘Shout out Corsham’ , ‘Spotted in Bradford on Avon’ and ‘SMEs vs Coronavirus’ on Facebook. 

Look out for local breweries offering home deliveries whilst pubs are still shut, and see what deals your bakeries, butchers, restaurants and bars have to offer. You’ll be amazed at the innovation! In our own little bubbles at home, it’s been hard for some of these businesses to reach out to us. They’ve relied on people knowing where to look for info or word of mouth travelling fast. Please join some of these groups, engage and make new discoveries to make lifting off from lockdown more fun whilst helping our economy to bounce back as fast as it can. 

If you would like The Business Exchange to give your business a shout out email us: tweet us @tbesw and follow the hashtag #TBESupport.