Lou Johnson asks: Where are your prospects?

By Anita Jaynes on 7 August, 2015

Lou Johnson is CEO of BlueSky Revenue Generation, a telemarketing company that works with progressive entrepreneurs and business owners turning prospects into opportunities. Bluesky is a conduit between marketing efforts and sales-pipeline closures; simply put, they find business in the follow-up and help to grow your business.

Lou will be sharing a series of blogs based on her forthcoming book ‘It’s in the Follow Up’ over the next few months.

In this blog Lou explores the first type of contact list you may find yourself calling.

So where are your potential prospects and who are they?

This list is focused to serve a niche prospect and relates to your client avatar, it often becomes the start of a more detailed marketing campaign.

To create a focused marketing campaign or contact list you need to know who your target audience really is and keep this list tight. It’s far better to have a detailed fifty people to call than hundreds and hundreds of a ‘spray and pray’ nature. Remember it’s all about adding value to their business rather than feathering your own nest. The contract will follow if you can truly answer this question and have a defined client avatar that needs your product or service. To create this list you need to know…

Who is your Client Avatar?

  • Analyse your current client list
  • Who exactly are they?
  • Which one is the best?
  • What are you doing for them?
  • Are their others like them in this sector or other parallel sectors?
  • What region or area do you want to cover?
  • Is this a niche market?
  • What technology do they use?
  • Could a partnership with another company fast track your connection with them?
  • Where are they?
  • What do they read and watch?

There is a whole raft of questions to ask about your ideal customers so get thinking, deep-drive research and make a list of similar business you wish to contact. However they don’t know your business yet and I hear…

I don’t want to Cold Call!

So take confidence that if the contact is a good fit for your business, a well qualified lead from a referral or your marketing; the person you are calling will be pleased to hear from you. But double check before you make the call, do you know all the background information on their business?, are they the right person to call? – the decision maker, do you really want to do business with them? And if the answer is yes to these questions ask, how do you pronounce their full name? Have confidence you know these facts and smile when you pick up the phone.

Ultimately you want to add value to your prospects businesses and you wish to get in front of them to tell them how you are going to do this. So what’s the hook?

This is potentially where your newly formed beautiful list needs marketing support. I personally don’t advocate pure cold calling without a wrap around marketing strategy, as calling without this in place can be disappointing. So…

What are you going to offer?

You could call to invite them to an event, this could be quite simple; a supper perhaps at which you or an invited speaker can provide sector insight. You could simply call to ask if they would like to receive your newsletter or current industry white paper. You could call to tell them to look out for some lumpy mail and send something original and very specific letter to that prospect in the post. There are many reasons for your call and you want to find out more about them before you drive into explanations and a sales pitch about your own business.

Recently one of my clients spoke at a marketing event for the owners of London based travel agents. He gave them insight into the changing face of their consumer through his thought-leadership. On calling for feedback we found that the attendees were impressed by his knowledge, trusted his findings and the enjoyed event overall. This yielded two excellent appointments that will create large initial investments of thousands of pounds followed by reoccurring monthly income.

So why not get creative, target your niche audience and connect with them as part of your marketing brilliance.

Keep visiting the TBE website to see my future blog posts that will give more insight into the list creation and actual sales call structure.

To find out more about Bluesky Revenue Generation visit: www.blueskyrevenuegeneration.com and follow them on Twitter: @BlueSkyRevGen

Pictured above: Lou Johnson, CEO of Bluesky Revenue Generation