Lou Johnson asks: Are your sales team hunters or farmers?

By Anita Jaynes on 11 October, 2015

Lou Johnson is CEO of BlueSky Revenue Generation, a telemarketing company that works with progressive entrepreneurs and business owners turning prospects into opportunities. Bluesky is a conduit between marketing efforts and sales-pipeline closures; simply put, they find business in the follow-up and help to grow your business.

Lou will be sharing a series of blogs based on her forthcoming book ‘It’s in the Follow Up’ over the next few months.

Is your sales team in sales or customer retention?

I met with a new client recently and he proclaimed that he had an antiquated sales method. By that he meant all his sales team were comfortable with their lot and they weren’t putting maximum effort into going out and finding new business. He had a team of farmers and not hunters.

Is your sales department really just full of account managers?

Do they need a focus on prospecting and lead generation?

Account managers are important, as client retention is key to the on-going success of your business. Maintaining dialogue, building relationships and cultivating the revenue stream to its full potential is vital to any business. But, does the team need restructuring or do you need to split yourself in three to cover the roles involved within a fully functioning sales team?

Ask yourself do you have a clear sales process with understood handovers in place?

To ensure that there is a focus on prospective clients, engage with an inside sales representative who is dedicated to calling your prospects, keeping the sales pipeline stoked for your outside sales representative. It is likely that they should be out of the office attending qualified appointments created by the inside sales rep. After a lead is closed and your prospect becomes a client it is then that your in-house account/delivery manager should pick this up. It’s over to them to build and nurture a relationship in order to create future business.

There is another reason for separating the roles too. Account managers usually don’t like making prospect calls and often they are not good at it either and if you are making the calls as CEO of the business is this the most economic way of using your time?

Outsource the task of making prospecting calls. Take the time to find out about the person behind the business and what their needs are or get a dedicated in-house resource to do this and ensure that the sales pipeline flows along without any kinks.

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