Longleat take Christmas decorating to new heights

By Anita Jaynes on 13 December, 2013

Intrepid staff at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park are taking the art of Christmas decorating to new heights with their extraordinary 60 foot tall singing tree.

It takes a team of 15 people three days to decorate the giant tree, which is the centrepiece of the Wiltshire attraction’s festive celebrations.

The tree is covered with 300,000 lights, has more than 3,000 baubles and 24 huge snowflakes hanging from its branches.

Made from 18 separate sections and incorporating an extraordinary six miles of lighting cables, the tree was created by a team of British craftsmen and is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Staff use a crane to decorate the highest sections of the tree, which plays a selection of traditional Christmas music and features a series of spectacular light shows.

Longleat’s Steve Mytton said: “With so many lights, so much cable and decorations to put up it has been a massive undertaking, but to see the tree in place and working is amazing.

“It manages to combine several Christmas traditions into one package; a seasonal tree, twinkling lights as well as carols and festive songs. There can’t be too many other experiences like this.

“Whilst the tree looks pretty impressive by daytime, it really comes to life after dark and once the shows begin you can truly appreciate what an amazing sight it is!

“The giant tree certainly proves to be an interesting focal point for our visitors with children dancing around it and parents swaying in time to the music behind. It certainly gets people into the Christmas spirit,” he added.

Running until Saturday, January 4th ‘Christmas at Longleat brings together the magic of the festive season in a spectacular new event.

Visitors can enjoy the experience of skating on real ice on a huge outdoor ice rink, watch favourite fairy-tale characters come to life in the enchanted surroundings of Longleat House as well as the giant singing Christmas tree which dances in time to festive tunes.

Plus there’s the opportunity to take an unforgettable train journey deep into the woods to meet Santa Claus himself in his snowy log cabin home.

A unique experience whether its Ice skating before dinner in Longleat House or a VIP experience – something suitable for clients, colleagues and friends.  Great discounts for groups of 12 or more.

For full details of Christmas at Longleat visit www.longleat.co.uk.