Keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0 – People Against Poverty

By Ben Carey on 25 February, 2021

With the end of Lockdown 3.0 seemingly within grasp, it’s important to remain positive as we head towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Since the start of 2021 we have enjoyed receiving and reading your thoughts on coping strategies, positive thinking and aspirations for the year, sharing your valuable insights with the business community across the region.

Val Huxley is the CEO of People against Poverty, a charity based in Devizes that works to help change lives by releasing communities from poverty. She talks to us about painting by numbers, the benefits of working from home and her ambitions for 2021.

How are you keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0?

2020 has been a struggle with close family health issues. When you have to deal with mental health issues on a day-to-day basis for eight months, that stifles your whole being. The relief of not having that to deal with anymore is a total release. So now, every single day I wake it’s always with a positive and happy attitude, even though we are in lockdown, I don’t see it as that.

Are you doing anything new?

Having made the decision to close my office and work from home, I now cook breakfast before starting work and I am also able to grab lunch with my husband. The afternoon is spent in the garden room/office until 6.00pm when the office door is closed for the evening. Yes my habits have changed – and for the better.

I have also taken up Adult Painting by Numbers. I’m addicted to it. I’ve painted about seven paintings now. I’ve also recently joined an online choir on Friday evenings which I’m loving. It’s a lovely way to end the week, singing to your heart’s content. 

Have you changed your New Year resolutions?

If I want to change anything I won’t wait until 1st January, so resolutions are not set by me, but I definitely have plans to be more kind to myself.

Professionally, I have a more structured day now that I’m home working. I and others around me have noticed that I’m a less stressed person. That can only be for the better!

Have you introduced any new rituals?

Yes, I do try to put walks into my day now which I never did before. Also, I’ve now got the time to look through cookery books and serve different meals every single day.

What are you most looking forward to when restrictions are lifted?

Visiting our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter in Spain. We haven’t seen them since October 2019. Then grabbing the biggest cuddle with our 4-year-old grandson who lives in Kent.

What is your biggest goal this year?

To gain new members of our Business against Poverty movement. I now have a great team on board who are volunteering their time to support us. With a new website launching soon, I’m hoping that more local businesses will see the benefits of supporting our work.

What has the past year taught you and how has it shaped your future for the better?

We have had to invest and put lots of new practices into place to work from home. I’ve loved working from home and I’ve learnt that I don’t need to have input into everything. My total outlook has changed significantly which I hope will come into its own in the near future.

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