Keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0 – Netheravon Skydive

By Ben Carey on 18 January, 2021

With Lockdown 3.0 upon us, The Business Exchange is asking for your insights regarding coping strategies, new habits and how to stay positive throughout this third (and hopefully final) national lockdown.

Julie Cooper, Media Manager for Netheravon Skydive talks running, music, photography and laughter.

How are you keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0?

I think everyone has found this lockdown very much different to the first one.  Staying positive on winter days is definitely much harder and lack of warmth and sunshine is not particularly good for the soul; I don’t mind admitting I was glad when Christmas was over.  I hate not having my house full of family and friends.

That aside, I’ve found simply picking up the phone and talking to my friends and family is a tonic in itself, you can have a moan, but it’s more likely that you end up laughing with someone.  Laughter certainly makes life a lot more bearable in difficult situations.

How are you structuring your day? Have you changed your habits?

As I’ve been working from home I’ve found structuring my day is vital. Most days I’ve been going for a run first thing, and then working at the laptop until after lunch, then dipping into anything that needs to be done afterwards. Any other time has been spent just doing ‘stuff’ at home!

Are you doing anything new?

I started running again at the start of the first lockdown and whilst I’m never going to run a marathon, it’s kept me fit, both in body and mind hopefully.  This also propelled me into photography again, particularly during the lovely spring mornings back in 2020.

I also started writing again, documenting family history for my boys for posterity. As a military wife there have been many adventures and it’s been fun remembering stuff and trying to get it in some sort of order. I’ve always got music going around my head and it’s amazing how much you get done with a pair of headphones playing your favourite music.

Have you changed your New Year resolutions?

I tend not to make resolutions as I never end up keeping them. Remembering to ‘treat people as you would like to be treated’ has always served me well.

Have you introduced any new rituals?

Apart from running, I’ve cut out the carbs a great deal which has certainly made a difference to how I feel. I have also made a point of calling family members and friends I know are alone on a weekly basis. The idea of someone being lonely makes me very sad.

What are you most looking forward to when restrictions are lifted?

Simply just sitting around a table with my family and friends and a glass of something and just catching up. I can’t wait to have those conversations where everyone laughs about the silliest of things.

What is your biggest goal this year?

To have my family, children and grandchildren all in the same place at the same time.

As far as the day job is concerned the goal is to get as many people as possible skydiving again. The joy and confidence it brings to those doing it is phenomenal.

What has the past nine months taught you and how has it shaped your future for the better?

I think it has taught me that we need to look out for each other more. Until you speak to someone you have no idea how they feel. So many people paint on a smile when underneath things are not right. Material things don’t really matter, it’s people that count.

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