Keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0 – Naturally Social

By Ben Carey on 25 January, 2021

With Lockdown 3.0 upon us, The Business Exchange is asking for your insights regarding coping strategies, new habits and how to stay positive throughout this third (and hopefully final) national lockdown.

Natalie Sherman, social media expert and Founder of Naturally Social based at Corsham’s Digital Mansion, talks about reflecting on the positives and being kind to herself.

How are you keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0?

By practicing gratitude and reflection. I try to take 30 minutes every evening to reflect on the day and what we have achieved.

How are you structuring your day? Have you changed your habits?

My habits have not changed at all really. Due to the success of Wiltshire Digital Drive, I have had to base myself at the office in Corsham to receive donations.

I’m certainly getting my daily steps in, so that’s a good habit change from last year!

Are you doing anything new?

My intention is to learn more. I love learning and I haven’t had much time over the past 12 months or so.

Personally, I need to be kinder to myself. I’m my own biggest critic.

Have you introduced any new rituals?

I moved house in the first week of January, so I’ll be looking to settle in and go on lots of long weekend walks.

What are you most looking forward to when restrictions are lifted?

Socialising with big groups of people.

What is your biggest goal this year?

For Naturally Social to still be thriving as we head into 2022.

What has the past nine months taught you and how has it shaped your future for the better?

The past 9 months have taught me that I’m so much stronger than I thought and that life is short. I need to stop kicking myself and start congratulating myself. I have fallen back in love with my ‘why’ and learnt more about myself as a leader than anything else.

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