Keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0 – Mployable

By Ben Carey on 8 January, 2021

With Lockdown 3.0 upon us, The Business Exchange is asking for your insights regarding coping strategies, new habits and how to stay positive throughout this third (and hopefully final) national lockdown.

Here Rosie Skinner, Director and Founder of South West recruitment agency Mployable, gives us her thoughts on Zoom, breathing and how to celebrate once restrictions are lifted.

How are you keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0?

The most important thing for me has been the support of my team.  We have regular Zoom calls to boost each other and keep each other motivated. Even though it is virtual, that communication is important. Sometimes though the only thing for it is a biscuit and a cuppa. 

How are you structuring your day? Have you changed your habits?

I am trying to give myself regular breaks.  I was lucky that Santa brought me a Fitbit for Christmas, so that reminds me to move and keep active.

Are you doing anything new?

For the past few months I have added in a morning yoga and meditation session, and this has been really beneficial for my mindset and mental health.  Since Lockdown 3.0, I’ve also been trying to motivate myself to walk my 10,000 steps each day and get outside at least once, but it’s not always easy.

Have you changed your New Year resolutions?

For the first year in a long time, I haven’t made any.  Last year was tough, and we aren’t through the worst of it.  A friend told me that she always resolves to ‘add’ rather than ‘take away’ so I’m trying to follow in her steps and add; a bit more water (mainly in warming herbal teas), a few more veggies, a few more steps and more deep breaths.

Have you introduced any new rituals?

Breathing, properly breathing.  It reminds you sometimes how poor your breath can be when you don’t think about it, and how five deep breaths can fix a lot of things.

What are you most looking forward to when restrictions are lifted?

Eating somewhere other than my kitchen table and getting together with my family and friends over food and drinks.  Me and my family have recently moved house, so a belated housewarming party would be fantastic!

What is your biggest goal this year?

To keep my head above water, keep breathing and keep being kind.

What has the past nine months taught you and how has it shaped your future for the better?

The past nine months has taught me just how uncertain everything is (and possibly always has been).  It has also taught me to roll with the punches and not absorb too much news or engage in ‘doom scrolling’.  It has taught me to do my best with what I have right here and now.

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