Local schools ‘Puck Up’ with Techs4Education street hockey promotion

By Nick Batten on 22 October, 2018

Techs4Education, a provider of IT support services and technology solutions to schools in southern England, has launched a special street hockey and ice skating promotion to schools in the Swindon area.

When schools select Techs4Education as their IT provider, they will be given multiple free sessions of either street hockey or ice skating lessons, each worth £300.

Techs4Education is linking up with local charity, Swindon Wildcats in the Community, to deliver the sessions which will be run by Wildcat professional coaches who are “DBS checked and highly qualified.”

Headquartered in Swindon, Techs4Education, is the education division of Excalibur Communications, a firm which places a “strong emphasis” on supporting charitable activities locally. The promotion combines Techs4Education’s desire to support Swindon projects and the wellbeing of children “away from technology screens.”

Graham Ford, Techs4Education operations director, explained that through technology, Techs4Education has the “clear goal” of making the student classroom experience “exceptional.”

He said: “This Swindon promotion sees us wanting to extend this feel-good experience into the playground, by giving young people the chance to try a new sport and get active. We have worked successfully with Swindon Wildcats in the Community before, and know they run fun and inclusive courses for all to enjoy.”

Dave Ridley, community development officer from Swindon Wildcats in the Community, added: “We are a non-profit charity which has strong links with the Wildcats ice hockey team. We recognise our role in the whole community and strive to develop both our community schools programmes and the Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Academy.

“Since our set up in 2008, we are driven to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle in children and adults as well as improving sports participation by providing opportunities for all people, from any social and economic background. We look forward to introducing our street hockey programs to the schools Excalibur works with locally as well as continuing to provide opportunities to the schools we already work closely with.”

Visit www.techs4education.co.uk/techs4education-wildcats-partnership for more information.