Local sales expert helps entrepreneurs in The Middle East

By Anita Jaynes on 6 March, 2017

Chippenham-based business, Sales Coaching Solutions has exported their new brand The Entrepreneur’s Godmother into the Middle East.

Just months after Prime Minister, Theresa May visited the Middle East to build relationships and set in motion plans to increase export from the UK, managing director of Sales Coaching Solutions, Alison Edgar has already started to export.

She recently flew out to Kuwait for three days where she spoke at the first ever event of its kind in the Middle East, delivering a two day course to entrepreneurs to teach them how to create a viable business and grow through sales. Alison teamed up with the Integrated Vision Institute for Teaching and Consulting to create the course with the overall purpose to educate Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurism throughout Kuwait.

Kuwait has always been a wealthy economy relying upon its rich oil industry to keep it afloat. For a while now the Kuwaiti Government have been trying to develop entrepreneurism, however 90% of Kuwaiti citizens are still employed by the Government. Even though thousands of Kuwaiti students study Business and Technology studies at University, they often graduate and return to work for the Government. With a push to promote entrepreneurism the Government of Kuwait have launched a number of programs to support young entrepreneurs in an effort to expand the private sector.

One of the biggest problems with entrepreneurism in Kuwait is the lack of knowledge on how to set up a business and grow. It is for this reason that Wilshire’s very own Alison Edgar, The Entrepreneurs Godmother was brought in to teach business owners and entrepreneurs just that.

In the UK, Alison runs a thriving business, providing tailored training and coaching plans to sales teams to develop strategies for generating leads and implement process for increasing conversions. Originally set up as Sales Coaching Solutions, Alison expanded her business in 2016 to include her new brand The Entrepreneurs Godmother. Through which, she teaches start-ups, micros and owner-managed businesses through her Easy Peasy Sales workshops, online sales courses and one-to-one coaching.

Since starting her business in 2011, Alison has worked with organisation such as, Enterprise Nation, Entrepreneurial Spark and Small Business Saturday, she was also an advocate for the Growth Voucher scheme. As a champion for enterprise in UK and advocate for entrepreneurism, she earned herself the title as one of the UK’s Top 10 Business Advisors, this along with her experience helped her secure the contract in Kuwait.

Alison said: “Teaching entrepreneurs in Kuwait is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had as a business owner. To be given the opportunity to pass my knowledge on and inspire others is something I truly cherish. This is just the start of our exporting journey, we are already putting in place a strategy to expand internationally.”

To find out more about Alison’s Kuwait join her private Facebook group, Entrepreneur’s Can Clan or keep up with her at alisonedgar.com

Pictured above: Alison Edgar (centre) with her sales training delegates in Kuwait.