Local firm designs innovative new bags to light up events

By Anita Jaynes on 29 July, 2016

After witnessing the jaw-dropping, illuminated wristbands that dazzled the Coldplay audience at Glastonbury festival, Cotton Bag Co, based in Westbury, are supplying a new range of bags lined with Xyloband technology, to create spectacular lightshows at events.

Xylobands are LED lights attached to a strip activated by remote control, to change colour or flicker in sequence. They are usually worn as a wristband by gig-goers so the audience provides the platform for a dazzling lightshow. Paper Bag Co (Cotton Bag Co’s sister brand) are now lining various bags with the strips to create a new product that is practical, can provide the ‘wow’ factor at events and that has a large surface area for promoting sponsors or brands.

Xylobands first amazed fans and the press when Coldplay handed them out on their world tour circuit in 2012/13. The audience effectively became an interactive lightshow with Coldplay’s music via changing luminous colours on their wristbands. This was recently repeated at Glastonbury when Coldplay performed there to a huge audience, wearing the colourful wristbands to great effect. Via a central control, the way the lights behave can be coordinated perfectly to the music and become part of the performance itself.

Jon Marling, director of Paper Bag Co said: “Coldplay showed how the technology could be used at large events to great effect. The lights flash in a coordinated way to stadium music. When you factor the wristbands up to tens of thousands worn by audience members, the shows can be truly spectacular. With a wristband however, there is limited space for advertising or branding. With a bag you have a large surface area to play with and an item that has practical value after the event. You can see the marketing potential.”

Bags may suit events like gigs, product launches, conventions, gala dinners or fashion shows where a highlight of the event is turning on the lightshow at the right moment.

To find out more about Cotton Bag Co visit: www.cottonbagco.co.uk