Local energy business offers unique service

By Anita Jaynes on 28 May, 2014

Powerful Allies a Wiltshire based company situated in Bishops Cannings in the Vale of Pewsey, is fast becoming the energy partner of choice for many companies in the UK, Scotland, and Europe.

A brief review of their key clients reveals the extent to which they have been appointed to help highly reputable organisations reduce their energy costs. They work with many different sectors of business and they include: academies and schools, care homes, construction, historic buildings, hotels and hospitality, legal and professional, financial services and many more. Whatever sector you work within they can assist you.

Powerful Allies reduce the amount you will pay in the future for your business electricity and gas, and they do this by combining the buying power of the largest wholesale energy buyers in the UK, and then passing these savings on to their clients.

Powerful Allies has the ability to trade with every significant energy supplier in the market, but this buying power means in many cases their clients do not even need to switch supplier to secure major savings. This service is provided free of charge to their clients.

Powerful Allies Chairman, James Robson commented: The promise of savings reflects three benefits we can bring to the process. Through our commercial relationship with multiple energy wholesalers, we always have far more buying power than any single client, energy broker, wholesaler or association. This must yield lower electricity and natural gas prices.

All our clients in each sector are experts in their trade. We are experts in ours; we buy energy all day every day and know which suppliers are in the market for deals on any given day, and exactly what benchmark prices to aim for. Knowledge is power.

Because we charge no fees for our work, we must deliver savings and be seen to deliver savings in order for us to survive in business. We are purely paid by results. We go the extra mile.”

To find out more call James Robson on 0845 319 1322 or e-mail james.robson@powerfulallies.com