Leadership, Resilience and Wellbeing will be addressed by Swindon Mindful Employer

By Anita Jaynes on 29 January, 2014

Swindon Mindful Employer Network is to focus over the next few years on three important areas for local businesses – leadership, resilience and wellbeing.

Melanie Richens who is independent Chair of the thriving network believes that the emphasis sums up the desire for businesses to meet the demands of an ever-changing economic environment. She says:

“We have witnessed a rollercoaster ride in the economy in recent years – and the challenges for businesses in all sectors remains considerable.   However, there are a few recurring factors for a thriving enterprise.  Firstly, a leadership approach which engages and inspires employees, coupled with the emotional and psychological resilience required to adapt and change. Additionally companies must address employee well-being which impacts so heavily on performance and unwanted costs such as absence.”

The Swindon Mindful Employer Network will be presenting special themed events starting in the spring to encourage ‘new thinking’ which can transform business culture and productivity.

David Latham of Richmond Fellowship in Swindon feels that the new emphasis will provide a three- step guide to enhancing company performance.

“Regardless of which direction the economy is going – leadership, resilience and wellbeing are indicators for stronger businesses in 2014. There is a need for employers to support staff on mental health and wellbeing issues which enhances productivity and increases employee loyalty and engagement.  Mindful Employer has an important role in providing a networking resource which meets the needs of businesses right now.”

Frances Mayes Senior Public Health Manager, Swindon Borough Council which supports the Swindon Mindful Employer Network says:

“This network is playing a pivotal role in changing attitudes and supporting local employers. We are seeing increasing interest in mental health and well-being related issues from Swindon businesses as organisations start to reap the benefits of being a Mindful Employer in a competitive and stressful economic environment.   I strongly believe this network helps to promote Swindon as positive place to live and work.”

More details about the network on smen@richmondfellowship.org.uk