LandHawk takes-off in Swindon

By Nick Batten on 16 October, 2019

LandHawk, the latest PropTech platform to hit the market,  launched on 25th September at the Workshed in Swindon.

PropTech (property technology) is the use of an IT system to help individuals and companies research, buy, sell and manage real estate.

The team at LandHawk wanted to create a site appraisal platform that really changed things up for land finders and planners and went one-step further than existing offerings. It is the only software available that returns an in-depth search with a traffic light scoring system aligned to the government’s National Planning Framework.

Using more than 100 geospatial data sets, this bespoke software gives planners more information than any other platform on the market. The algorithm has been devised in-house by software engineers from The Carto Group, LandHawk’s parent company who have extensive experience in land searches in multiple sectors spanning 20 years.

Carto Group and LandHawk Founder CEO Tim Hughes welcomed some key players within the industry at the launch including the Land and New Homes Network and the Ordnance Survey.

He said, “We have been developing LandHawk over the past year and we are very excited to be able to finally onboard our first customers and partners. Our mission is to help land and property developers get their projects over-the-line efficiently and with more reliable results. The knock-on effect of using LandHawk will be that Local Planning Departments will receive much more reliable planning applications as the planners will be much better informed by data that lies within their development area.”

Additionally, the 3D building tool will be launched in the next phase. All it requires is a few mouse clicks on a land parcel and buildings instantly appear, so users can see at a glance what’s possible within a parcel of land.

Tim explained, “The 3D building tool allows architects and planners to sketch buildings in the app to instantly see their effect on an area and perform desktop feasibility studies. This will mitigate the need for costly high-level feasibility studies because some of the work will be able to be undertaken by the developer or land agent themselves. This is also a great tool for stakeholder engagement and communicating ideas to potential builders and investors.”

To find out more about LandHawk and request a free trial, contact them directly at or via Land & New Homes Network.

Pictured above: The LandHawk launch last month at Workshed