Labour Market Update from CMD Recruitment

By Anita Jaynes on 2 August, 2021

Dan Barfoot, Operations Manager at Wiltshire-based recruitment firm CMD Recruitment provides an insight into the current employment market conditions.

As you are sat reading this, I can 100 per cent guarantee that over the past 12 months recruitment and staffing has, at some point, been in your thoughts especially with regard to what is or isn’t the right thing to do in the current climate. 

Well, after being in the industry over 17 years I can say that the last 12 months have certainly been a roller coaster for both candidates and employers. As we move away from Covid restrictions and with the end of furlough looming, a lot of business owners have some difficult decisions to make. 

The employment market, for the majority of the year, has been classed as a candidate driven one and this also includes temporary staff, as with us leaving the EU we have certainly seen a shortage of seasonal labour. This has all resulted in many businesses having to completely rework their labour model and recruitment costs. 

A lot of people have got used to working from home, arising from the want for more permanent flexible working arrangements. This has meant that working parents looking for part-time employment have found it a more competitive market. Flexible working arrangements is definitely a good area for some businesses to consider as a solution if they are struggling to recruit. I myself have found this works. There is some great talent available and it certainly opens the doors to a wider talent pool.

The transport and logistics sector I feel will continue to struggle. The Government needs to seriously consider how they will combat the shortage of HGV drivers and perhaps look again at the Levy to see if it is actually fit for purpose. We all just consider it as an added tax, when surely we should be spending this money on short courses relevant to our industry, staff and upskill need. Whether it is spent over a month or 12 months, surely has the same effect on expenditure.

We have found ourselves working closer with our clients over the last 12 months and this is where the value of treating your recruiter as a partner has been hugely beneficial. You should implant your recruiter into your long-term solution strategy. The advice, insights and market conditions we can offer you can help you make crucial recruitment decisions. For example, whether you recruit or retain members of staff looking to leave, as ultimately both have implications on your business.

We’ve been offering services to our partners such as salary comparisons and benchmarking, skills testing and bespoke video interviews. In a candidate driven market the essence of working to timing during the recruitment process is essential. It’s paramount to work at pace to ensure candidates stay engaged with your vacancy and can be secured should the offer of employment arise.

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