Kingsbury Green Academy praised for commitment to apprenticeships

By Anita Jaynes on 13 February, 2021

A UK-wide recruitment company whose headquarters is based in Calne has praised Kingsbury Green Academy’s commitment to apprenticeships.

Ryan Venner, sales and marketing director for Premier UK Jobs, said his company took on two new apprentices in 2020, both of whom were students at Calne’s Kingsbury Green Academy.

“We’ve had a link with Kingsbury Green Academy for 18 months, and the head of careers there, Cath Young, is so proactive with employers that she makes the process of taking on apprentices just flow naturally,” said Ryan.

“In our industry, you can enter at degree level, but you don’t need a degree in order to be highly successful in your career. Both the students we took on with Cath’s help are doing really well indeed. We threw them in at the deep end, giving them both plenty of responsibility, and after a few weeks you’d have thought they had been working here for years. I started here on a higher apprenticeship myself, because I wanted to start earning money, rather than racking up debt at university, so I know that apprenticeships are the perfect route for some young people.”

Taylor Maddock had just completed A-levels in media, sociology, business and core mathematics when he joined Premier UK Jobs as a marketing executive. He is doing a degree apprenticeship in digital marketing.

“I’m getting exactly what I wanted here,” said Taylor.

“I run the business marketing, creating online content and making sure we stay on trend. I’m really enjoying my job and learning a lot at the same time.”

Jasmin Rice joined Premier UK Jobs as a recruitment resource after taking her GCSEs at Kingsbury Green Academy.

“I deal with CVs that come in, screen them to decide whether a candidate is suitable for the position they’re applying for and, if not, whether we have some other position that they would be a good fit for,” said Jasmin.

“I also look after my own consultants. There’s quite a lot of responsibility, and I’m really enjoying the job.”

Cath Young said that a cornerstone of the academy’s vision for all its students is removing social, economic and academic barriers to enable students to realise their potential.

“Years ago, people often went into the same occupations that their parents were in, often because this is what they knew and they had contacts they could call upon,” said Cath.

“These days, the world is very different, and many jobs and companies that appeal to young people may not have even existed 20 years ago. Where we add value is by building strong relationships with good local employers, and then helping students network with them so that they can showcase their talent and hunger to succeed in the world of work.”

Mike Holliday, co-ordinator for the ASK Apprenticeship Programme in Wiltshire, which raises awareness of apprenticeships to year ten to 13 school students, said that relationships between employers, teachers and students are particularly strong at Kingsbury Green Academy. Kingsbury Green Academy is part of the outstanding Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust.

“The school’s careers website goes a long way to helping Cath Young and her colleagues to being very proactive with employers and students, and Taylor and Jasmin are fine examples of the calibre of students from Kingsbury Green Academy that take the apprenticeship route to work.”

Pictured above: Apprentices Jasmin Rice and Taylor Maddock, left, with colleagues including Ryan Venner, third from right.