Juice Recruitment says ‘the basic isn’t everything’

By Anita Jaynes on 18 November, 2015

With the market place looking ever more competitive to attract and retain talent, Juice has been looking at what benefits are attractive in the current market place and why is it so important to offer more than just the standard?

A recent survey has shown that on average between 65 -70% of employees have said they would be more likely to stay with their current or future employers if they were offered a good benefits/overall incentive package.

Vicky Kingston, sales director at Juice Recruitment said: “For employees, it is important to feel that they are valued, so added additional incentives/benefits are a key factor when considering a new role, and for those looking to move on, alongside salary, it is one of the main reasons people sometimes feel the “grass is greener” within other organisations.”

“For employers, a strong well communicated and attractive benefits package not only helps staff retention, but enables companies to take their pick of employees when looking for that all important new recruit!”

So what does a good ‘Benefits Package’ look like and should yours mirror what other organisations are offering?

Vicky at Juice said: “When creating a good incentive/benefits package, it’s important that you think about the demographics of your workforce to ensure what you put into place will be right for your team.”

‘Some organisations include their staff when considering a benefits package review by sending questionnaires to find out what really incentivizes them. This is helpful for the smaller/personal incentives that will mean a lot to your staff and sometimes much more than the markets standard benefits.”

So what are the most popular benefits on offer?

  • Pension
  • Life Insurance
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Car Allowance – Company Car/ Laptop and Telephone
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Life Insurance
  • Share Schemes

What other benefits are popular in the current market place?

  • Gym Membership
  • Financial Rewards – Bonuses and Commissions based on targets and KPIs
  • Dental and Optician Costs
  • Increased Holiday – rewarded on service
  • Additional days holiday for your Birthday
  • Parking
  • Travel vouchers – weekend trips based on service and performance
  • Free Breakfast and weekly meal incentives
  • Vouchers

Vicky concludes: “On a final note, your package can include what you want it too and if tailored to suit your workforce, it will allow your company to stand out in the market place, attracting and enticing fantastic new talent to your business, alongside retaining your staff and keeping a happy team!”

For more information, please contact Jenny Gray, Juice Recruitment Ltd, 01225 447870 – jennyg@juicerecruitment.com

Pictured above: Vicky Kingston