Jöttnar are becoming Conquering Giants

By Anita Jaynes on 23 October, 2015


Jöttnar, the first British technical outdoor clothing brand to be launched in more than two decades, is poised to enter its third year of trading. Founded in 2013 by former Royal Marines Commandos Steve Howarth and Tommy Kelly, Jöttnar releases an expanded new range for Winter 2015, launched this week. Year on year growth for 2015 is currently running at 220% before the key winter sales window opens.

Drawing on their experience serving in the Arctic and an extensive climbing and skiing background, the two founders seeded Jöttnar with their own capital. They subsequently secured two significant six-figure investment rounds from angel investors, allowing them to develop the range and drive growth. The company achieved six-figure sales in its first year and growth of 240% in its second.

From first launch Jöttnar embraced the potential of their own e-commerce platform to enable brand control and to deliver first-hand knowledge and refinement of the consumer journey. Director of Sales, Tommy Kelly, says, “Our relatively small size and our detailed ecommerce analytics have allowed us to be a part of our customers’ lives in the way that bigger companies can not be. This is a huge enabler for growth. Our new website this year and some increasingly sophisticated back-end aspects promise to really build on what is a high revenue share channel for us”.

In addition to e-commerce, adopting a multi-channel approach has allowed the company to cater for try-before-they-buy consumers and so they also sell through an expanding stable of UK independent specialists, as well as further to-be-announced specialists in France, Latin America and Scandinavia. An ethical environmental, human and animal welfare thrust within the company sees product manufactured with Fair Wear Approved partner factories, zero fluorocarbon use in select manufacturing processes and only 100% Responsible Down Standard Certified down in their supply chain.

Steve Howarth, co-founder, said, “As climbers and mountaineers ourselves, we were convinced that there was a need for focussed, specialist, high-end technical product from a company devoid of broad-market or fashion forward lifestyle aspirations, which would only detract from our focus. Our consistent market share gains have borne this out. This is our most exciting range yet, with improved functionality, fit and finish across our products. We have been able to demonstrate this year the growing knowledge, craft and technology, as well as our ethical underpinnings, which we hold as the standard at Jöttnar. In addition, the consumer knowledge we have built through our strong e-commerce orientation has been invaluable in ensuring that we understand the market need and how to service it.”

To find out more about Jöttnar visit: www.jottnar.com/uk/