Is working from home literally becoming a pain?

By Anita Jaynes on 15 April, 2020

Coronavirus is bringing with it many challenges from juggling workloads and children at home, to having to improvise with office setups and make-shift desks. How you sit at a desk is very important and can have lasting consequences if not taken seriously.

Chippenham’s Active Potential Therapy, who specialise in sports therapy, massage therapy, osteopathy and rehabilitation have launched a series of videos to help people working from home during COVID-19.

The explainer videos help with a number of issues, including how to set up your desk for good posture and how to aid ailments such as, tight shoulders and stiff lower backs which can be caused by long periods of sitting badly.

Sam Bramley, Active Potential Therapy.

Sam Bramley, founder of Active Potential Therapy, said, “Many people will be suffering from a changed working environment during COVID-19, from hunching over a screen on a sofa, to sitting on a chair not made for hours of work. These habits can cause quite a few issues from stiff necks and sore shoulders, to tight backs and pain.

“These videos have been created to give people some relief during this time, when we can’t get out to see a professional. We’ve included advice, exercises and massage tips for self-care at home.”

Watch all the current videos here. Active Potential Therapy will be releasing more in the coming weeks. Sam and the team are also offering free 15 minute video appointments which can be booked online through its website for people who need specific advice.

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