Is it me?

By Anita Jaynes on 5 September, 2023

TBE Partnership with Thrings

Over the years, John Davies’ Is it me? has become a favourite of The Business Exchange for its wit and camaraderie. This time, John ‘defines the decade’ that was 2013-2023…

One night Anita had a dream, to build a publication,

The finest business mag in town, indeed within the nation.

She took the plunge, accepted risk and published TBE,

And ten years on through much success it’s 2023!

So where did all those years go, what happened in that space?

Perhaps I can remind you, it’s been a weird place!

In Europe we had Brexit, it brought us so much fun,

With families not speaking, and queuing for some sun.

Dave Cameron, he kicked it off, he gave as all the vote,

Thinking he’d shove Brexit down the Nigel Farage throat.

But when the votes came flooding in, with Europe cast away,

The old Etonian sauntered off and left Theresa May!

The ABBA dancing premier picked up the poisoned job,

And tried her best to calm our friend, the man that is Rees-Mogg.

It wasn’t long before Ms May was facing her own swansong,

As lurking in the shadows was the hay haired Boris Johnson.

“At last!” old Boris shouted on his way to Downing Street,

A dream fulfilled, a mandate large, he’d really found his feet.

With Carrie proudly at his side he thought “I’m sitting pretty’,

But one thing he hadn’t banked on were the germs in Wuhan City.

As TBE reported, Coronavirus spread,

The world went into panic, we thought we’d all be dead.

What did we do to combat this? What was our driving goal?

A cure, perhaps protection – no we hoarded toilet roll.

The world closed down and nothing moved, bar Hancock’s
roaming hand,

But in this world of misery there was one promised land.

A place with booze and parties and snogging, yes, Amen!

No not Club Tropicana, but rather Number 10!

So our Editor Anita was on to PM four,

As out went Boris Johnson and Liz Truss walked through the door.

And what a month Liz gave us with Kwasi there in tow,

Millions wiped off pensions, the pound at all-time low.

Outlasted by a lettuce PM five was on the way,

Good old Rishi Sunak arrived to save the day!

But Kier’s in the background, as Labour gather pace,

And don’t write off the Libs or Greens, the South West think they’re ace!

For balance Labour’s had its woes, Ed Milliband bereft,

As bearded Jezza Corbyn championed the hard left.

Election looms, the people’s choice, how will the parties fare?

One thing you can be sure of, TBE will be write there.

I really need more time and space, for what of Donald Trump?

Of Vladimir Putin, petrol prices at the pump?

North Korea’s missiles, our winning Lionesses,

And women in Afghanistan now banned from wearing dresses?

I must just mention one more thing, a gem of TBE,

A column of such wit and grace, of course it’s “Is It Me?”

Thank you for allowing me to whinge and whine in print,

I’m really looking forward to another ten year stint!

Post Script

Above the age of twelve a human shouldn’t wear those Crocs,

Just sort your blinkin’ lives out and go and buy some Docs.

Get yourself some trainers or nice shoes or even wellies,

For no adult should walk around in things that look like jellies.

John Davies,

Senior Corporate Partner, Thrings


t: 01793 412634