Investment in technology gives CMD Recruitment the business edge

By Anita Jaynes on 30 March, 2017

Digital technology has the power to transform the recruitment business. Dan Barfoot, Operations Director at CMD Recruitment, embraces cutting edge software as a smart way to take care of admin, leaving more time to directly focus on clients and applicants.

“The speed of the recruitment process is quicker and more accurate than ever before with online software. At CMD Recruitment we see this as a cornerstone in our strategy to improve the speed and accuracy of the recruitment process. Today, it’s critical to identify and use the best digital software for creating your initial list of candidates,” said Dan Barfoot.

Today, smart recruiters are choosing to exploit every kind of digital tool, including social media, pay per click job adverts and innovative apps such as Debut, that asks candidates to play online games, which work out their suitability to a job role.

An effective approach

With the current market being candidate driven, the speed of the processes in recruiting are often dictated by how soon the client can begin interviewing people. Efficiencies are therefore hugely advantageous.

“CMD Recruitment specialises in industrial and commercial recruitment – sectors that often require a fast, effective service. Our software takes care of the necessary but cumbersome administration tasks that can slow things down. With one button, we can post across multiple job boards and all the responses funnel directly to our CRM.

“We use a CRM called Bond Adapt, the same software used by the global brand, Hays Recruitment, and an application called Broadbean, that enables us to post to preferred channels where we track and manage responses. We spread our net far and wide over all the national job boards such as Indeed, Jobsite, CV Library and we use a tool called Lead Forensics, which gauges if our marketing across all areas, is working. It’s beneficial to use these job boards because they massively invest in their R&D and in being mobile compatible.”

Not all recruiters access this kind of software, which gives a competitive edge.

The importance of the human touch

Whilst technology can pool candidates and scan skill sets, Dan is adamant it takes expertise from a trained eye to decipher the intricate clues that demonstrate the mindset, perceptions and abilities of a candidate – better than any computer algorithm can.

“Computers can’t and should not assess everything about a person. It’s important to get to know people, not as just human resources but as people with lives and hopes and dreams. In this respect, it’s critical for us, above all, to remain a ‘human’ service.

“Recruitment needs that personal feel, as too many businesses just rely on an online portal and become faceless. Even if we don’t place a candidate we want them to have a great experience when they come in and we will go out of our way to make them feel positive, showing them what is out there in the marketplace.

“Having a great suite of software to deal with admin and processes gives a clear advantage yet there is still no substitute for talking to people, meeting them and understanding their deeper motivations.”

If you are either a business looking for a dedicated recruitment partner, or someone who is anticipating their next exciting step in a career, CMD Recruitment would love to help.

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Pictured above: Dan Barfoot, CMD Recruitment