Instant messaging and email, use them both to your advantage

By Anita Jaynes on 13 January, 2016

TBE technology experts Excalibur, say despite the rumours, 2016 won’t see the death of email communication.

Ever since instant messengers arrived on our desktop, observers have been heralding the death of email, but it’s too powerful a communication tool to be replaced by IM. We think you can have your cake and eat it by using both, here’s how to play each one to their strengths.


Everyone has an email address and those addresses can be branded, monitored and offer convenient storage for company data. You can send broadcast messages, private messages, create distribution lists and fully control who sees what and when.

More importantly, email can provide a written, legally binding record that is admissible in court. Email is ideally suited for more in-depth or more formal conversations between users, businesses and customers.

Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger in its various guises is exactly what it says on the tin, instant. Many IM accounts are linked to email addresses, so most people can have one. They can also include attachments, links, give the ability to screen share, present and video call, so are very sophisticated and collaborative. As long as both sides use either the same platform, or a compatible cross-platform system, IM is fast and very simple to use.

An important benefit of IM is that it enables quick responses to short questions. Used for internal or customer facing communications, IM is an excellent medium for quick chats and chat history can easily be recorded if specified with your provider.

In enterprise, until the next big thing comes along, both can be used in harmony to create a robust communications structure. We don’t think email is going anywhere for a while.




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