Insight6 uncovers worrying trend in employees’ wellbeing during the pandemic

By Anita Jaynes on 21 October, 2020

Insight6, a South West-based company that focuses on customer experience, has turned its attention to helping businesses measure their employees’ wellbeing and gauge how they are coping during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The company, which covers the whole of the UK, has adapted its customer survey tool to investigate how employees are feeling.

According to Insight6, the new ‘Team Wellbeing Checker’ has uncovered some worrying trends. When first questioned, around a fifth of employees, said they were feeling demotivated working from home. Additionally, Of those coming into the workplace, 15 percent did not feel safe in relation to Covid-19.

Richard Knight, Customer Experience Director for Insight6, said, “Employees have always been part of what we look at, because employees are every business’s number one customer and they need looking after. As a business owner or senior leader, you can’t deliver a great customer experience until you deliver great employee engagement.

Richard Knight, Insight6

“But during this pandemic, employee engagement has taken on a new significance and really come to the forefront, when it is more important than ever to ensure business continuity and delivering what customers want.

“We have collated the national results from Team Wellbeing Checker and found that a fifth of employees working from home are feeling demotivated and – just as worryingly – many of those in the workplace do not feel safe.”

Team Wellbeing Checker gathers real-time insights into how employees are feeling, whether they are based at home or in the workplace, through a series of mini questionnaires.

Richard continued, “The tool allows employers to know how their teams are feeling right now – not waiting until the end of the quarter or the end of the year – and then they can act quickly.”

“The surveys are short, sharp, in the moment and very effective, as long as the information they reveal is acted upon.  We’ve also demonstrated that just by asking people, they tend to feel reassured and more motivated.”

The results are helping companies make decisions about if and when to bring people back into the workplace, and what extra measures they might need to take to help employees feel secure.

Richard explained that there were many examples of Team Wellbeing Tracker uncovering employees’ various concerns. He added, “By using Team Wellbeing Tracker, organisations are also carrying out their duty of care to their employees and pre-empting any issues before they escalate.”

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