In Profile: Daryl Ross of Goodlites

By Anita Jaynes on 20 April, 2015

Goodlites is a Bristol based electronic cigarette firm set up by founder Daryl Ross. We interviewed Daryl to find out more about the business and its plans for the future.

TBE: How did you come up with the idea to set up your own e-cigarette brand?

Daryl: A friend from Bath showed me one of the first electronic cigarettes around four years ago. It took 18 months to develop the unique Goodlites project and market the ideas.

TBE:  How does Goodlites differ from other e-cigarette brands?

Daryl: We use all natural flavourings and have a high-class theme to our products. The e-cigarettes are the same size as real cigarettes and lightweight compared to competitors.

TBE: The health implications of e-cigarettes have been scrutinised in the press because they are so new and the industry is currently unregulated. What would be your commentary on this?

Daryl: I can’t speak for every e-cigarette company. but we use natural botanical ingredients therefore keeping things above board.

TBE: How is the sales and marketing of the brand progressing?

Daryl: We have reached the final stages with WH Smith Travel and are currently selling into bespoke bars, online and look to increase our local brand presence. London is also another key target.

TBE: Do you currently export Goodlites?

Daryl: Not at the moment, but we are working with UKTI and are looking to export to Norway, the US, Japan and UAE.

TBE: What ambitions do you have for the business?

Daryl: To promote healthy living and become industry leaders. We will be bringing out a new flavour over the coming year and are currently beginning work on the Goodlites E-Cigar.

TBE: What are your key learnings from your business journey so far?

Daryl: 100,000 people per year die from tobacco related illnesses in the UK. We want to save lives as there is no tar, carbon monoxide or the thousands of other chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. The market is tough but we have a great USP and will continue hard work on the brand.

TBE: Are there any tips you would offer others trying to develop a product and a new brand?

Daryl: Marketing is key and you must have a good USP.

TBE: Goodlites supports charity Shine Outreach UK by donating 5% of its profits each year. Corporate social responsibility is obviously important to you. How was this partnership set up?

Daryl: My colleague Stephen runs Shine Outreach which provides mentoring for young Africans setting up in business, as well as funding sustainability and renewable energy projects in countries such as Uganda.

The charity was chosen as my colleague Stephen set up the charity and regularly visits the projects in Africa. We like working with independent charities and love what they’re doing.

TBE: What has been Goodlites biggest success so far?

Daryl: Being shortlisted to the world’s top four e-cigarette companies by WH Smith Travel. It’s also been extremely rewarding watching the brand grow and having now launched there has been much interest globally.

To find out more about Goodlites visit: or email Daryl at:

 Pictured above: Daryl Ross of Goodlites