In house training programme to boost young talent in business

By Anita Jaynes on 27 February, 2017

A new training programme for young professionals has been launched by a leading Swindon training company.

Anne Messer, Managing Director of Bespoke Training Services in Swindon has created a new ‘Young Talent’ training programme.

Targeted at the 18-26 year old young professionals, the new package is specifically designed to develop and enhance business skills in those who have little or no working experience.

Anne Messer, managing director, said: “The aim is to create highly competent employees with the ability to communicate effectively on all levels, as well as helping them develop a detailed self-awareness.

“The boundaries between work and leisure for young Millennial workers tend to be permeable. Their career track leans toward job hopping, they also have a tendency to challenge the traditional.

“However, their dedication to purpose, their openness, an inclination toward putting people first, and their inbuilt knowledge of the internet, social media and up-to-the-minute technology, presents countless opportunities to their employers,” Anne said.

In 2015, the Millennial Generation – born roughly between 1982 and 2002 – became the largest generation in history overtaking the Baby Boomers at around 91 million (Baby Boomers were 77 million). They are the first generation who have grown up with the internet and with mobile technology being easily accessible.

Bespoke’s ‘Young Talent Programme’ addresses the varied challenges presented by school and further education leavers who are new to the workplace. It looks at fast track development, as well as encouraging the highest working standards.

The six-month training programme includes:

*one-to-one coaching

*a work based assignment

*a Myers Briggs Step 1 test

*five one-day modules.

Anne said: “Skilled people lead to increased turnover and profit, a strong brand and reputation, lower staff churn; more efficiency, as well as a healthy and productive workplace culture.”

Bespoke Training Services, based in Old Town, Swindon, is a leading provider of training services for SMEs and corporations. Clients have included Eduserv, Campack, Scottish & Southern Energy, Berendsen (formerly Sunlight Laundry), the Samaritans, Grimsby Citizens Advice Bureau, Wiltshire Law Centre and Tecan Precision Engineering, Cranfield University and Apetito. For more details call 01793 831029 or visit

Pictured above: Anne Messer, Managing Director of Bespoke Training Services