HPH continue to improve building’s sustainable credentials

By Anita Jaynes on 17 November, 2016

Nothing stands still at Bewley House, a prominent office block in Chippenham, and work just completed has made it safer and better value for its occupants, whilst further reducing its carbon footprint

Commercial property experts HPH Ltd have made further investment in the building making it an even more positive environment for the people based in the five-storey building.

Bewley House accommodates several high profile employers including the NHS Southern CCG, Wiltshire Council and the National Caravan Council.

The recent project has included a complete refurbishment of the communal areas, providing new carpets and LED lights, as well as the introduction of intelligent lighting controls to the main stair and reception area.

To improve safety and security at the site HPH has fitted new automated gates to the car park area.

As part of the company’s green agenda HPH has also installed battery power support at Bewley House. This will mean that the office block will be taken off the National Grid between the peak hours of 5pm and 7pm each day. This innovative approach will transfer the building to a cheaper overall energy tariff which will provide significant cost savings and protection against power cuts at other times of the day.

The work at Bewley House continues the HPH company focus on sustainability. In 1995 the firm started to use the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) and in 2009 HPH became a carbon neutral company.

Last month HPH announced that it had secured a loan through Lloyds Bank’s Commercial Real Estate Green Lending Initiative, which offers companies a margin discount if certain sustainability targets are met.  As part of the agreement HPH has made a commitment to further reduce its carbon footprint.

Managing Director Lindsay Holdoway said, “Improving sustainability measures is a fundamental part of our business operations and we take our responsibilities as a landlord very seriously. We are constantly looking to improve working environments, achieve efficiency gains and reduce the environmental impact of our buildings.

“For more than ten years we have been monitoring our buildings to record energy consumption and working with occupiers to reduce their end costs.

“We are very pleased with the improvements that have been made to Bewley House and we believe they will be of great benefit to our occupants.”
Pictured above: HPH Property Manager Marian Day with tenants Miguel Mijares (Japoca) and Sean Bailey (CRiS).