How to shake up your marketing plan and increase sales in your online bakery this year

By Anita Jaynes on 31 March, 2021

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If you’ve been baking and selling your goods for a while now, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that the Covid-19 pandemic will have had some effect on your business in this past year. Maybe you previously owned a shop and have now moved entirely online, or perhaps you’re noticing an increased competition from other bakeries who have switched to the online world.

No matter what your circumstances, you’re probably looking for ways in which you can boost your online sales this year. If something isn’t going right, then shaking up your marketing plan is a great place to start- and is often all it takes to get the result that you’re looking for. Here are just a few ways you can increase your sales in 2021:

Provide Your Customers With Exclusive Offers

There’s nothing people love more than the belief that they’re being more money-conscious- so providing your customers with offers that make them feel like they’re saving money is a great strategy. 

You could create a virtual loyalty card scheme, sell mix-and-match value boxes, or offer a discount when a certain number of items are bought to encourage a customer to spend more in order to save more. You could also sell discounted boxes of items that would otherwise go to waste, such as broken cookies or burnt edges and corners of traybakes.

Use Your Own Personal Packaging 

Providing a memorable service is a sure way to make sure customers keep returning to your online store, and one of the best ways to get customers to remember you is by using your own branded packaging for your items. 

Tapes solutions like Essentra will provide you with promotional tapes that not only has the benefits of being branded with whatever personal branding you require, but also comes with tape solutions to keep your items as fresh as possible before being opened. 

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Love it or hate it, social media is one of the best ways to market your online bakery. Apps like Instagram are pretty much completely image-based- so sharing your delicious pastries, cakes and brownies onto your account is going to be hard to resist for anyone that comes across those pictures!

If you don’t have many followers, make sure your account is public and implement free marketing tools such as the use of hashtags and location tags in order to get seen by more people. For more immediate results, you can pay to have your account or a certain post promoted to a tailored audience who are likely to be interested in your baked goods. 

Create An App

Apps are much less clunky to use than websites, especially when the majority of your customers are going to be using their phones to make a purchase. An app can make the buying process much smoother and is another great way for your brand to become more memorable.

In order to reach all of your customers, make sure you create an app that works on both Android and Apple phones so that you aren’t missing out on any sales.