How Can Surgeons Protect Themselves at Work?

By admin on 16 September, 2020

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Becoming a surgeon is not a simple task. There are years of training that need to be completed and on top of that, the role itself is very demanding. For many, the idea of becoming a surgeon and helping to save the lives of others outweighs the risks that come with this kind of role. Of course, surgeons need to make sure that they are protecting themselves as well as any patients that they treat.

So, how can surgeons protect themselves at work? Some of the most common ways include getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and protecting themselves with the right kind of insurance policy. Read on to hear some of our ideas.

Indemnity Insurance

One of the biggest risks that many surgeons face is the idea that they could make a mistake. In some cases, a simple mistake won’t be life-threatening but in others, the person on the table could lose their life. While surgeons will do everything in their power to save the lives of others, mistakes can happen, and they need to be ready to deal with the consequences. Luckily, medical indemnity insurance exists for people in these roles. Policies like the one offered by Incision medical indemnity will protect surgeons legally in this case. 

Getting Enough Sleep

While this next idea might sound a bit too obvious, especially for a medical professional, it is something that needs to be said. Many surgeons will spend hours in surgery and will get very little sleep. This is not only risky for the health of the surgeon but also the patients that they will be treating. It is recommended that we get between 7-9 hours of sleepevery single night and if we don’t, we might not function as well as we could. This might be tricky for surgeons to achieve but the more sleep, the better they will be able to protect everyone. Some hospitals will have rooms for surgeons to sleep in to help achieve this.

Get Additional Training

When a surgeon finally completes all of their training, it will feel as though they are really ready to start their career. Of course, new medical procedures are created all of the time and so surgeons need to make sure that they are up to date on what the right thing to do is. For this reason, we would suggest that surgeons can protect themselves by getting the additional training that they need. This can be done through additional courses or even just reading up on the latest developments. 

Keep Records

It isn’t usually down to the surgeon to keep records of the patient that they are treating but it can be beneficial if they facilitate this kind of record-keeping. These records will come in handy if a patient takes an unexpected turn and the surgeon is blamed. These records could work as evidence in a claim against the surgeon and are very important. If a surgeon can refer to these documents as proof that they acted accordingly, they can protect themselves in the long-term.

Final Verdict

For anyone working as a surgeon, looking after the patients should be the first priority. However, surgeons also need to make sure that they are protecting themselves in case something were to happen in the surgery. Surgeons must make sure that they are protected by medical indemnity insurance and that they are looking after their patients in the right way.

Hopefully, both surgeons and patients can come out the other side of this kind of treatment happy and healthy.