Home care provider launches groundbreaking app

By Anita Jaynes on 19 December, 2017

Customers of care at home provider Bluebird Care Swindon will now get even better service thanks to a ground-breaking new mobile app which has been developed for the care teams to use.

The innovative mobile app, developed by Bluebird Care nationally, enhances the availability of critical information to care teams who are providing frontline care and support in customers’ homes.

The app was created by Bluebird Care’s experts, drawing upon feedback from care teams through workshops held across the UK. It can work on any phone, anywhere and even without internet access or signal.

Ben Curtis, Managing Director of Bluebird Care Swindon, said: “Helping care assistants in their challenging role using technology that they are already familiar with, such as their mobile phones, will continue to ensure that we can support our care assistants anywhere with tools that they already know how to use.”

Speaking about the feedback received from our care teams, Tracey Davis-Jones one of Bluebird Care’s quality managers commented: “What we found was something very different to what we thought staff wanted. In the past staff have always had staff handbooks in paper format and what staff were really telling us in that session was that they wanted something that was a lot more accessible. People were asking, why can’t this be on our phone and much more accessible to us and having information there at hand.”

The app includes a host of information for staff. It is far quicker to access than printed handouts or booklets, which frees up time during visits for the carers to spend with the customers.

Bluebird Care Swindon offers a realistic alternative to residential care by allowing people to stay in their own homes with care and support. The support can involve one or more short visits a day, extending to overnight help and live-in care.

For more about Bluebird Care Swindon visit www.bluebirdcare.co.uk/swindon