Hills Waste Solutions launches food waste recycling service

By Anita Jaynes on 2 February, 2016

A new food waste collection and recycling service is being introduced by Swindon-based Hills Waste Solutions from this month, February 2016 across the county. The service is available to all businesses not just those involved in food production and hospitality, as any factories, shops and offices generating food waste can benefit.

Gary McKinnon, divisional director at Hills, said: “Any business that produces or generates food waste, however minimal, is an ideal candidate for this service.

“By recycling food waste businesses reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, saving expensive landfill tax costs, and instead their waste becomes a valuable resource that is recycled using anaerobic digestion to generate energy for the National Grid.”

Businesses that sign-up to the new service are provided with a purpose built 120 litre or 240 litre capacity container. Together with the container, they are also supplied with biodegradable liners which ensure a clean, hygienic collection and bin storage area.

A weekly collection is made using a purpose built, lightweight vehicle specifically designed to handle food waste and avoid leakages. It is ideal to manoeuvre around typical bin storage areas at the back of shops, pubs and restaurants with ease.

Hills gives businesses peace of mind, knowing that food waste will be 100% recycled in Wiltshire using anaerobic digestion. This innovative technology removes any packaging remaining within the food waste and processes the food to generate gas, to create a renewable energy, fed directly into the National Grid as well as a fertiliser, rich in nutrients, used in agriculture in place of synthetic fertilisers.

Hills Waste Solutions can be contacted on 01793 714950 or via email at info@hills-group.co.uk

Did you know:
More than 500,000 tonnes of food is wasted by pubs, restaurants and hotels in the UK every year