Supermarket alternative extends delivery area

By Ben Carey on 30 July, 2020

Heritage Fine Foods (based in Coate, Wiltshire) has extended its delivery areas further across the South West.

At a time when many are still reluctant to visit shops and supermarkets, the company has increased its capacity to provide more customers with fresh, locally produced fruit and veg along with meat, dairy and other household groceries.

Ken Mortimer, Managing Director, said, “Over the pandemic we saw our normal stream of sales to restaurants and food outlets suddenly dry up, we had to act quickly to save the business. We reignited our home delivery service as well as set up a drive through contactless service at the farm. 

“These orders ensured we did not need to furlough any staff and we have now in fact increased our workforce.  We are really keen for people to continue to buy from us and experience the fresh, local produce we offer, something we are really passionate about.”

Kay Mortimer, Operations Director added “We pride ourselves in amazing customer service and it has been heartwarming to see our online community grow and share the food they have been making, sometimes with ingredients they have never tried before. There are so many benefits to becoming a customer with Heritage, our produce helps local farmers and growers, cuts food miles and is value for money, we can also supply products you won’t always see in the supermarket.”

For more information about Heritage Fine Food services and to place an order, please visit the website.