Guest blog: Why Web Marketing Sucks

By Anita Jaynes on 27 June, 2017

Guest-writer and international SEO expert Ammon Johns, web marketing director at All Things Web®  discusses the highs and lows of web marketing.

Usually, a web marketing expert at a leading digital marketing agency is going to tell you all about the positives. If you’ve seen such, and it moved you to act, then you know that.

Instead, let me tell you about the negatives.

First, it’s very hard to explain to most people precisely what I, or my colleagues here at All Things Web®, do for a living. The closest I get is to say “You know how the biggest Hollywood stars have great agents who help them get all the best parts in the biggest movies? Well, we are agents for websites. We get them mentioned, found, and selected much more often than they otherwise would.”

What they’ll remember and tell others is: “They do something with computers.”

Second, many owners and directors of smaller businesses are so busy running their business that they don’t use the Internet very much. Which means they have very little understanding of how others use it.

They’ll happily complain about people today spending all day on their smartphones, and never make the connection that they should be advertising there, and that the fact their own website sucks hard on mobile is a serious problem.

Third, things are always changing. As I wrote in my last article, the web itself is still growing and developing. We have to spend considerable time reading the latest research and patents, re-testing things that we’ve tested before, and generally working very hard to keep ourselves fully informed and at the forefront. In our job, it is not enough to be aware of everything that has changed in the last 12 months – we have to be able to make predictions about what will work six months from now.

Thankfully, the pay-off of getting web marketing right is worth it all.

Ammon Johns


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Ammon Johns is widely-acclaimed as one of the pioneers of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and is recognised as one of the leading voices in organic search around the globe. Ammon is web marketing director at Swindon-based All Things Web®, an agency providing full suite of digital marketing services, consultancy and training to businesses in the South West. Drop Ammon a line for a no-obligation chat.