Guest blog: The Web is Complex

By Anita Jaynes on 6 June, 2017

Guest-writer and international SEO expert Ammon Johns, web marketing director at All Things Web® looks at the power of the internet. 

Just look at the huge variety of things we use it for. It is our reference library, our entertainment centre, and our integrated communication tool. We switch freely between catching up with family news on Facebook, to checking the weather, to Googling some half-forgotten quotation without thinking for a moment of how different those ‘informational uses’ really are.

There’s an old Chinese saying “Complex problems don’t have simple solutions.” How your business can best make use of the web is a complex problem – yet most throw the simplest possible solutions at it.  They throw up a website, maybe create a few social media profiles, but without really solving the underlying complex issues – how do your market of today, and that of tomorrow, use the web?

Einstein said “A scientific theory should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.” This is the principle we should really be using.  You want something that is the simplest version of a proper solution, but not something simplified to the point where it is no longer working properly or effectively.

A huge part of my own role in 21 years of helping businesses to embrace the web for marketing is to help them understand how the people that make up their market actually use the web.

For instance, so many B2B websites try so hard to sell, completely forgetting that their target business is likely to simply have a junior executive look at options to present at a meeting, and that the buyer or decision maker will never even visit.

Other businesses imagine that somehow, everyone else shops differently to them. That while they, like all of us, look at many options and compare, somehow their visitors will not be going to any other sites first, or after.

It isn’t a simple solution if it doesn’t solve the issue.

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Ammon Johns is widely-acclaimed as one of the pioneers of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and is recognised as one of the leading voices in organic search around the globe. Ammon is web marketing director at Swindon-based All Things Web®, an agency providing full suite of digital marketing services, consultancy and training to businesses in the South West. Drop Ammon a line for a no-obligation chat.