Guest blog: The biggest challenge of online marketing

By Anita Jaynes on 19 June, 2017

Guest-writer and international SEO expert Ammon Johns, web marketing director at All Things Web®  discusses the challenges of online marketing and what you should be focussing on now.

The biggest issue with the web is that it hasn’t finished forming yet. The technology keeps advancing, pushing the boundaries of possibility. Data transfer speeds mean that a web page today contains more data than most early software applications did in the past.  Mobile internet use is making the internet something we are always connected to, everywhere. Tomorrow’s generation are already getting used to being able to talk to their technology and have it answer back.

Cautious companies often resist making the investment they should, for fear of investing in something that will be outdated before it is done. For others, always chasing the moving target, or bravely trying to get ahead of it, means they can end up with loose ends from abandoned threads of activity.

A business needs to avoid being paralysed by uncertainty. Your customers are using the internet without worrying about how long the way they use it today will last, or how different it is from how they used it last year. A specialist consultant can help you identify the bigger trends to invest wisely.

Just ensure that as a business you also regularly take stock, audit your online presence and reputation, and keep things looking tidy and inviting. You don’t have to be perfect online, just do the best you can and continually learn, build and develop, just as the rest of the web does.

The important lesson is that while technologies and practices change, people change a lot less. They still want most of the same things, they’ve simply adopted new ways to look for information and suppliers.

Things will change further. Voice search, virtual helpers, and the complete disappearance of the screen (of any size) are all in the pipeline right now. Focus on the users, not the use.

Ammon Johns


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Ammon Johns is widely-acclaimed as one of the pioneers of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and is recognised as one of the leading voices in organic search around the globe. Ammon is web marketing director at Swindon-based All Things Web®, an agency providing full suite of digital marketing services, consultancy and training to businesses in the South West. Drop Ammon a line for a no-obligation chat.