Guest blog: Social media is a serious business?

By Anita Jaynes on 13 June, 2017

Guest-writer and international SEO expert Ammon Johns, web marketing director at All Things Web®  discusses why all businesses need to embrace social media.

Many companies still believe that social media isn’t important for them.  That it’s a trendy fad, and that they are not a trendy, faddy business. This is a critical mistake that makes a company look as out of touch as if it claimed they didn’t need telephones because people can always write letters.

The truth is that the world has moved on since my youth, and today, social media is as basic a form of communication for many as having a phone.  Just like having a phone, your social media presence reassures customers that you are open to contact and responsive to enquiry.

However, social media also offers businesses a whole raft of additional benefits. One is that it makes your style and dedication to communication visible. The response to one enquiry can be seen like an advertisement to many others with similar questions. Just showing willing matters.

It also offers your business access to have a social listening strategy, listening for and to the conversations of your market, effectively granting free, fly-on-the-wall market research of incredible depth. This is the most valuable part of social media – to listen.  You can broadcast and publish anywhere, but where else can you listen in on your customers, your market, their motivations, issues, complaints at rivals?

Don’t overthink worries about people complaining on social media. Whether or not you have an account they are just as likely to do that. Having an account simply offers you a choice to be aware, and be seen to respond.

Here are the key points:

-Being present on social media is as basic to today’s market as having a phone.

-Listening is more valuable than talking.

-Lining up your brand and business persona or ‘voice’ helps greatly.

-It’s not playing, social media is serious business.

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Ammon Johns is widely-acclaimed as one of the pioneers of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and is recognised as one of the leading voices in organic search around the globe. Ammon is web marketing director at Swindon-based All Things Web®, an agency providing full suite of digital marketing services, consultancy and training to businesses in the South West. Drop Ammon a line for a no-obligation chat.