Growing Microsoft service provider takes a bite of Apple

By Anita Jaynes on 19 August, 2015

Swindon-based Microsoft support company Thirdline has swallowed Apple-certified consultancy Ciren IT, creating one of the UK’s only companies accredited by both Microsoft and Apple.

Ciren IT founder Tim Harris – who started the company in 2011 as an Apple specialist workshop and consultancy – has joined Thirdline’s Swindon HQ as head of client development.

His number two Jack Lambrou – who joined the company as an apprentice in 2013 and is well-known for his ability to strip and rebuild a smartphone in 15 minutes – continues to offer servicing and repair to Apple owners from Cripps Road in Cirencester, where he has been joined by Thirdline’s Amar Mohammed, who is managing the shop and is a point of contact for Cirencester clients.

The Cirencester branch offers repairs on a range of devices, from smartwatches, smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops to both private and business users, and is the base for the region’s only certified Apple Consultant Network for business users, covering an area that reaches from Stroud and Cirencester in the north to Salisbury in the south.

Tim said: “Both Thirdline and Ciren IT were rapidly growing and chasing the same customers. It became clear that it would be more beneficial for the businesses to join forces than to continue to compete.

“We’re now able to offer far more services to existing and new business clients, while maintaining a local base.”

Thirdline founder Jack Peploe said: “Having Tim as a business partner is like having another Jack in the company. Like me, he is driven by offering the highest levels of customer service and innovation.

“The Ciren IT acquisition means we now have a dedicated workshop and repair centre to complement our existing IT support, cloud, backup, and telephony and broadband services.”

Every member of the Thirdline team is now accredited by either Microsoft or Apple, with Jack holding the highest possible level of accreditation for Microsoft support, and Tim qualified to the highest attainable level with Apple.

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Pictured above: Jack Peploe and Tim Harris of Thirdline