Growing IT and communications firm celebrates best year ever

By Anita Jaynes on 30 September, 2015

A Swindon-based tech firm that started life in a school dorm room 12 years ago has just celebrated its most successful year to date.

The company’s headcount has increased by a third – up from 10 to 15 – as Thirdline seeks to service a rapidly-growing number of contract clients.

Some of the growth has come from the firm’s takeover of local rival Ciren IT, but much has been organic.

CEO Jack Peploe said new customers were drawn to Thirdline due to its proactive and jargon-free approach to IT and communications, often through referrals from other satisfied customers.

“We don’t have sales people,” said Jack. “We have super-engineers who are trained in both IT and telecoms. Their job is to find a tech solution that matches our customers needs – both now and in the future.”

Jack said many companies were being held back by the perceived limitations of technology. “There’s no reason why the growth of your business should be held back by your phones or your computers. Our customers tell us where they want to go, and we find a way of making the technology work to fit that plan.”

The company has also been heavily investing this year, in both staff and equipment. All engineers are accredited with either Microsoft or Apple, while the company has created its own Cloud-based platform, hosted at eight different centres in the UK, which gives customers peace of mind and fast, uninterrupted connectivity.

One of the benefits of the new system – and a demonstration of the way that Thirdline is “tearing down tech barriers” – is that telecoms customers can make VOIP telephone calls over the internet with crystal clarity.

VOIP systems are easier to instal and maintain than landlines, and calls to 01, 02, 03 and mobile numbers are free – making the system far more cost-effective.

Meanwhile, customers who use Thirdline for IT support are benefitting from the company’s new, intelligent monitoring system, which ‘learns’ about errors and glitches and applies fixes to other customers – all without the client being interrupted or suffering any downtime.

And the expanding firm has just secured premises in Birmingham, in a bid to sign-up and service clients in the Midlands.

Entrepreneur Jack started his first IT company – building computers – in 2004, while on a Young Enterprise scheme at Dean Close School in Cheltenham.

He turned down a six-figure salary to manage the IT systems of a London company when he was 18, preferring to concentrate on building his own business.

Today his company offers a range of services, including IT, cloud, telecoms, broadband, web design and procurement.

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Pictured above the Thirdline team: From left to right Carrie Southwood, Amar Mohammed, Terry O’Kelly, Dennis van Leijen, Thirdline founder Jack Peploe and James Pinnock