Good Energy celebrates National Inclusion Week

By Nick Batten on 27 September, 2022

As part of National Inclusion Week (26th September to 2nd October), Chippenham-based renewable energy supplier Good Energy is highlighting the support provided by its ‘Inclusion Champions.’ 

The team come from all areas of the business and offer their time to promote a welcoming and supportive working environment. The Inclusion Champions are led by co-chairs Mair Horscroft who works in talent development and digital learning, and Guy Jones who works in customer operations. 

Mair and Guy lead monthly meetings where colleagues suggest areas for improvement, monitor progress, and arrange access to training and development opportunities covering topics such as hidden disabilities, unconscious bias, and neurodiversity. 

They also plan social events to bring staff closer together. These include a Pride picnic, lunchtime sports such as football, badminton and basketball, and even boardgame evenings. 

Guy joined the group after seeing the difference a supportive environment could make to a person’s life. 

He is autistic but previously tried to mask his challenges, despite the stress and burnout this was causing. 

Guy said, “I struggled for a long time, but at Good Energy, I had the opportunity to use my different perspective to approach things in a new way and find alternative solutions. 

“This gave me the confidence to share my experiences and difficulties with others, and I now have the freedom to work in ways which allow me to reach my potential. 

“It’s made me happier and more fulfilled – I actually look forward to coming to work!” 

Mair said, “Good Energy’s support for our group clearly demonstrates its commitment to being an inclusive employer where everyone feels valued and appreciated. 

“Inclusivity is an asset. It provides access to a broader range of opinions and perspectives, strengthens networks, improves engagement, and encourages innovation. 

“It’s also an increasingly sought-after quality for jobseekers, who want to know they are joining a modern and forward-thinking business which truly values its staff and allows them to shine. 

“Put simply, we all want Good Energy to be a brilliant place to work.” 

The company employs 240 staff at its Monkton Park offices and has more than 250,000 customers. It has a 100% renewable energy mix, provided by 1,700 independent generators of wind, biogeneration, solar and hydroelectric power from across the UK. 

National Inclusion Week is organised by Inclusive Employers.

Pictured above: (left to right) Guy Jones and Mair Horscroft (front) with members of the Good Energy ‘Inclusion Champions.’