Global Swindon firm launches new software application

By Anita Jaynes on 24 December, 2014

Swindon-based global lubricants data solutions provider OATS Ltd  has announced the details of Product Manager™, the first application to be built on their revolutionary new software platform, earlFUSiON™.  Designed to power future generations of lubricants solutions, the earlFUSiON platform has the power and versatility to support applications that can transform the relationships among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), oil companies and their customers.

Product Manager is an application that delivers solutions for lubes marketers and brand managers while incorporating sophisticated, highly productive functions for technical advisors. Multiple product line capabilities and virtually unlimited channels provide unprecedented flexibility and refinement to match a company’s product portfolio to meet the challenges of global and local OEM and oil company rationalisation.

As a web-based application, Product Manager is accessible for use or sharing from anywhere at any time, with no software installation necessary. Updating of the Product Manager database is continuous, allowing customers to provide the most current vehicles and recommendations on their websites.

Product Manager is just the first of many applications that will share the earlFUSiON platform, which gives OATS the ability to custom assemble, organise, maintain and access collections of complex internal and external data to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

Sebastian Crawshaw, Chairman of OATS said: “Our innovative earlFUSiON platform gives us a really flexible foundation on which to build sophisticated applications like Product Manager, providing solutions meeting the needs of both marketing and technical functions.  We are identifying new application ideas for the platform almost daily and I am delighted to hear our customers already expressing genuine enthusiasm about the solutions we can now provide.  Under the constant pressure of the ever changing lubricants industry, we work in partnership with our customers not just to support answering the question of which oil?, but to meet the growing requirements of product portfolios in global markets.”

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