Furniturebox gifts £120K worth of returned items as cost-of-living crisis bites

By Nick Batten on 8 August, 2023

Chippenham-based online store Furniturebox has gifted £120,000 worth of returned items each year to Wiltshire furniture and white goods charity, KFR.  

Furniturebox is the biggest donor to the Devizes-based KFR, which has seen a 25 per cent rise in activity over the last year as hard-up households look to save cash on cut-priced, reused sofas, cookers and fridges.

KFR Manager Daniel Thompson said the charity was helping increasing numbers of middle-income households hit by rising inflation and interest rates.

He explained, “We have seen people in our showroom who would never have dreamed of buying secondhand.

“We are here to help anyone who is struggling and everyone is being a bit more clever with their money. We are enabling people to refurbish their homes but in an affordable way.

“We are a lifeline to first-time buyers who have borrowed to the hilt to buy their place and are looking at ways to save when kitting out their homes.

“We need donations to survive and the best thing people can do is give us their unused white goods which we will refurbish and give to a good home and massively save on our carbon footprint at the same time.”

Daniel went on to say that the support of local companies such as Furniturebox is vital to the charity, commenting that its donations in 2023 would help up to 1,000 households and provide a carbon saving of almost 40,000 kg.

He added, “Furniturebox has made such a massive difference to us. We are completely self-funded and will go out of business without donations.”

Monty George, Co-Founder of Furniturebox, said, “We live in a throwaway society.

“This has been a concern of ours for a long time. Several years back we contacted a number of local charities to enquire whether Furniturebox could donate customer returns. KFR were keen to take us up on that.

“It is fantastic to hear of the vital work they are doing helping those most in need and positively reducing our carbon footprint by recycling household items.”

KFR has 16 part-time and full-time staff based in a 15,000 sq ft warehouse in Hopton Park Industrial Estate where the reused furniture and white goods (large electrical domestic items such as refrigerators and washing machines) are available to buy at heavily discounted prices.

A cooker from a leading brand which retails at more than £1,000 new can be bought by a family in need for as little as £100 with a six-month warranty, Sofas which sell for as much as £2,000 in shops can be snapped up in immaculate condition for £130.

Additionally, the not-for-profit charity gives away four per cent of its turnover – amounting to £2,500 a month this year – to those most in need including rough sleepers who have been given a home, victims of domestic abuse and those living in extreme poverty. 

Pictured above: (left to right) Furniturebox’s founders Dan Beckles and Monty George with KFR Manager Daniel Thompson in the middle