Free workshops to shine a light on the impact of poor employee engagement

By Nick Batten on 30 January, 2020

With a recent survey by Gallup reporting critically low levels of employee engagement in the UK, Wiltshire business owners and HR managers will be given the chance to discover how engaged their teams are thanks to a free workshop that will be held at two different local venues in March.

Andrea Riding, Managing Director of AARC Opportunity, is a licensed Engage & Grow coach specialising in helping businesses to enthuse their workforce.

She will be delivering workshops in Chippenham and Swindon where attendees will go through an exercise to find out exactly how engaged their own employees are and the impact that this is having on their organisations. 

The Gallup survey – which was released in November 2019 – showed that just 11% of UK employees are fully engaged in their roles, with serious consequences for businesses including lower productivity, falling sales, poor customer ratings and increased absenteeism. While a majority of employees – 66% – are not engaged, a further 20% are actively disengaged and can represent a disruptive influence in the workplace. 

The award-winning Engage & Grow Group Activation System aims to help companies turn this around by re-engaging their employees through tailored programmes. Results show an average increase in employee engagement of 257% for SME businesses which have taken part.

Andrea explained, “The low levels of engagement have a serious impact on the performance of a business. It is costing businesses around 3% of their wages bill, and results in low productivity, increased absenteeism and higher staff turnover. This workshop will enable them to calculate how engaged their own workforce is using a tried and tested Engage & Grow formula benchmarked against the worldwide Gallup research, to determine a value on what this is costing them.

“We will be giving them some advice on how to reengage their workforce and, armed with this information, they may then consider commissioning an Engage & Grow bespoke programme to find a solution. Engage & Grow uses neuroscience as the basis of its coaching programme to help employers and employees think differently.”

Andrea added, “Businesses with highly engaged employees are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable than those with the least engagement. The figures speak for themselves and the impact of being able to double or even triple employee engagement would be incredibly rewarding to any type of organisation.”

Both workshops run from 8.30-10.30am. The Chippenham workshop is being held on Tuesday 3rd March at The Meeting Place (access from the Borough Parade Car Park, SN15 3ER). To book, visit

The Swindon workshop is being held on Thursday 5th March at The VAS (Voluntary Action Swindon) Centre, John Street, SN1 1RT. To book, visit

There is no cost to attend but reservations must be made in advance. For more information or email Andrea on

Pictured above: Andrea Riding, Managing Director of AARC Opportunity